Yarn up… With a twist!

July 8, 2010 at 12:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Today we’re doing a ‘twilight’ themed update, to coincide with the release of the new ‘Eclipse’ movie. We’ve had some fun thinking up names for our yarn to match the theme! Mostly 8ply, but we also have one lot of 10ply this week, and also one lot of gradiant yarn 🙂

‘Eclipse’ ~ This yarn was hard to photograph, it is blood red, dark dark purple & inky tones. (SOLD)

‘Wolf Pack’ ~ Semi Solid browns – Seriously, who needs a shirt when you’re that sexy? (SOLD)

‘Gentle Esme’ ~ Bright Pinks to dark purples, lovely lovely colour. (SOLD)

‘Chief Swan’ ~ Indigo, gold & grey – Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? (SOLD)

‘La Push’ ~ Light brown, light green, and sky blue, much much lovelier than this photo has captured! (SOLD)

‘Edward’s Meadow’ ~ Greens, mixed with pink & purple. (SOLD)

‘Inside the Tent’ ~ Gradient yarn, from warm pink & yellow, to the icey blues, with a touch of envious green thrown in. (SOLD)

‘Renesmee’ ~ Pinks to cream – Everyone’s favourite innocent little Vampire. (10ply) (SOLD)

$16 a skein, gradiant is $18 a skein, due to the extra work that goes into dyeing these, all are 8ply other than ‘Renesmee’ which is 10ply. All 100% Australian merino, 8ply is 225m/100g, 10ply is 166m/100g.

$3 courier for up to two skeins, $5.50 courier for up to 5 skeins.

Email wickedknitsnz@gmail.com for purchases or queries. Payment options are NZ bank deposit, or cash on pick-up.

Happy Knitting all!




  1. Jax / MrsB said,

    2x gradient please!

  2. Jenna said,

    Can I please have 2 of the renesmee thanks

  3. Jo said,

    Hi can I please get one of the chief swan thanks

  4. wickedknitsnz said,

    Hi guys – yup I’ve taken those colours down for each of you, please email me to sort out payment details & addresses 🙂


  5. Jenna said,

    Alia, can I be a real pain and change my order slightly? Can I have 1x Renesmee and 1x Edwards Meadow? If not, it’s fine as is 🙂

  6. wickedknitsnz said,

    Yup that’s fine Jenna.


  7. Jenna said,

    Thanks so much!!!!!

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