Clearance SALE on 12ply

June 28, 2010 at 7:04 pm (Uncategorized)

We’ve decided no more 12ply, it’s just way too much fun dyeing the merino – so any purchases of stock 12ply will be $10 a skein, free shipping for 3 or more skeins of 12ply. First in first serve!

Girl Power‘Girl Power’ (SOLD)

Cupcake‘Cupcake’ (SOLD)

Forestal‘Forestal’ (SOLD)

Unnamed‘Night Club’ (SOLD)

Citrus Slushie‘Citrus Slushie’ (SOLD)

Earth Magic‘Earth Magic’ (SOLD)

Down to the Woods‘Down to the Woods’ (SOLD)

Boys in Blue‘Boys in Blue’ (SOLD)

Nautical‘Nautical’ 1x 100g skein availableRock Chick‘Rock Chick’ (SOLD)

Mojave Sun‘Mojave Sun’ (SOLD)

Robotics‘Robotics’ (SOLD)

12ply Australian wool, 98m/100g, yarn weights may vary slightly due to dyeing process.

$10 skein – Clearance offer

NZ shipping – $3 courier for 1-2 skeins, FREE courier for 3 or more skeins of 12ply.

Payment by NZ bank deposit or cash on pick up πŸ™‚

Email for purchases or queries. NO trim skeins or custom dyes for this lot sorry!




  1. Trish Watton said,

    Hey there, sorry if I sound dumb but how many balls would 1 skein be? and could I use one skein to make a cocoon/cub cuddler ?

    • wickedknitsnz said,

      Hi Trish

      I’ve taken a look at that pattern on ravelry, and you’d need approx 1.4 skeins of 12ply for it πŸ™‚ 12ply is bulky yarn.


    • wickedknitsnz said,

      And sorry – 1 skein is 100g, balls & skeins come in various sizes, usually anywhere from 25g to 200g, most yarn in spotlight/knitworld is in 50g balls, some in 100g.


      • Trish Watton said,

        Thank you πŸ™‚
        how long is your sale on for? Id love to buy some but its not payday till next week

  2. wickedknitsnz said,

    Hi Trish,

    It’s a clearance sale, so it’s until stock is gone πŸ™‚


  3. Melsey said,

    Hi, I was wonderin if there are still some of the $10 12 ply skeins available?
    Just wanted to check incase not updated?

  4. wickedknitsnz said,

    Hi Melsey

    The 5 skeins left listed are still here πŸ™‚

    • Melsey said,

      what is the process to buy these? (I live in Wellington)

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